Our duvets can be customized for different warmth levels - a critical aspect of a duvet shell and finish that results in a perfected sleep product. Take a closer look at our innovative constructed duvets that are manufactured to perfection through detailed finishing seam details.



Marketing natural fill quilts by weight has led many people to think heavier means better. But it is not really that simple. Unclean fills weigh more, but clean fills perform far better.

If the residue that Northern Feather Canada eliminates from its down and feather – quill pith, feather fragments, trash, dust, dirt and other foreign matter – were to be left in, you end up with a heavier duvet.

To address this situation Northern Feather Canada developed its own down and feather cleanliness code. Regardless of the ‘heavier is better’ method of selling, we resolved that no natural fill product will leave our plant without being NF5 cleaned and conditioned. For us, the end result for the customer makes the extra effort well worth it.

To help customers choose the best hyperclean natural fill quilt, we also created our own Temperature Rating System, which delivers optimal sleeping comfort based on room temperature, not weight.


Duvet Shells

From 100% cotton, to Oeko-Tex® Certified shells, innovative construction to finishing seam details, every duvet is manufactured to perfection.


All of our product shells are 100% Oeko-Tex® Certified. Northern Feather is the only home and textiles manufacturer in Canada that is Oeko-Tex® Certified. The certified label found on our products ensures that all materials used are safe for everyone and free of harmful chemicals and substances.


Our maize fibre products feature high-quality organic cotton, which is left undyed and unbleached, retaining its natural colour. The certified GOTS label is a standard that is globally recognized for organic fibre certification, ensuring that these products are made from organic fibres.



Our duvets are finished with double stitched & piped edging where an extra row of stitching reinforces the edges and prevents fill from shifting and leaking. The piped edges add the final finishing touch.


BaffleBox with DuvetLock®:

DuvetLock® is a patented system developed by Northern Feather Canada. It involves locking the fill in each of the baffles without breakage or leaking. This feature means the fill will not shift between baffles leaving cold spots in the duvet, thus allowing it to loft to its maximum.


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