over 100 years of canadian and danish tradition

Originally founded in Denmark in 1901, Northern Feather Canada enjoys more than four decades of sleep success. Today, we still embrace the proud traditions of the down and feather industry handed down over a century ago in Denmark.

H.O Lange co-founded Nordisk Fjerfabrik (Northern Feather) in 1901 and was the managing director of the company until 1961, he expanded the company in more than 21 countries. Northern Feather Canada was established in 1976 and for the past 4 decades has been a partnership and then solely owned by Tage Nilsson.

Northern Feather Canada offers the best value and quality in down and man-made fibre sleep products utilizing the highest and most technically advanced standards in manufacturing. We apply the latest in textile design, material processing and quality control becoming the experts of the down and feather industry.

It all translates into the most comfortable sleep ever. Northern Feather Canada provides the ultimate in sleeping comfort at the highest level of quality for your business and customers.

Quality is from Start to Finish

Northern Feather Canada is the only Canadian bedding manufacturer with in-house IDFL certified testing, state-of-the-art processing and automated manufacturing. Equipped with the latest technology, our British Columbia plant consistently produces superior down and feather products to our exacting standards of the highest quality.

We’ve outfitted our British Columbia manufacturing facility with the latest technology. Our inventory control systems, purchasing procedures, production lines, inspection stations and shipping operations are all state of the art. Each stage of the process from start to finish is closely monitored by well trained and experienced professional.

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