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Sleep Toppers


We provide two different types of sleep toppers: Natural Fill Featherbeds and Fibre Fill Sleep Pads.

Our featherbeds are filled with a special combination blend of natural fills to allow maximum comfort throughout the night. Our sleep pads filled with unique fibres that simulate the properties of down, providing high resiliency and ability to loft. The down-like feel provides the ultimate in fluffy loft and comfort.

Our sleep toppers eliminate pressure points at the hip, shoulder and knee joints created by a sleeping surface that is too firm. As blood circulation is restricted by a firm sleep surface, a person who has one must roll over many times in the night to relieve pressure. Often, the benefits of firm support are offset by the fatigue caused by the frequent shifting that interrupts the deepest cycles of sleep.

Over the course of a single night, this loss of sleep can add up; over the course of several weeks, it can lead to unhealthy weariness.

The good news is that you’ll be able to keep your firm mattress, while eliminating the tossing and turning. By adding a sleep topper, you can continue to enjoy the support your body needs. You will also be happy to know that Northern Feather Canada featherbeds offer luxurious comfort unmatched by other products currently in the marketplace.

Sleep Topper Options

Natural Fill Featherbeds
• 10% Down, 90% Feather with a top layer of cotton batting or down
• 20% Down / 80% Feather

Fibre Fill Sleep Pads
• Zen Fibre
• Diamond Fibre

Bed Protection

We provide different types of bed protection options:

Pillow Protectors: An excellent choice for protecting your pillows. Our pillow protectors provide a healthy sleeping environment by providing a breathable barrier against dust mites and bacteria delivering optimal comfort and fresh air circulation.
Available in Velvetine, Sateen or Cotton Jersey Fabrics

Mattress Protectors: Our soft and comfortable mattress protectors provide a healthy sleeping environment by supplying a breathable barrier against dust mites and bacteria and a waterproof barrier for liquids.
Available in Terry Towel and Cotton Jersey

Bed Linen: Our specialized linen line is designed in-house by Northern Feather. It adds protection for your pillows, duvets and mattress while providing an overall luxurious look.
Available patterns in White, Damask Stripe and Organic Cotton.


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